Forging Your Own Path


Spiritual people often strive for the feeling of sacredness, and, through rituals, prayer, or any other means, we seek to bring it into our lives. Sacredness might be better defined as a deep feeling of intimacy with spirit. Sometimes we are missing the point when we try too hard with elaborate rituals or other acts that sound deep, but feel empty. Sacredness can be (and often is) extremely basic.

What’s sacred to you will be wildly different from what is sacred to others, so keep this in mind. Your own walk with spirit is about your intimate relationship with spirit, so it is extremely personal. It’s about what you value, what you believe, and what makes you feel connected with the universe. It’s also about communication, the cornerstone of relationships. Because I value communication with spirit, words (especially spoken out loud) are sacred to me.

Avoid trying to “come up” with rituals of your own. You’d do better to practice freely, without any restraint, and see what evolves naturally. Remember that rituals do not have to seem or feel heavily esoteric. For me, feeding backyard wildlife and communicating with them is “spontaneous ritual”. Despite the connotations of the word, ritual can and should be organic, adapting to spirit-sent cues.

I let spirit take the driver’s seat, directing and inspiring my responses. For some people, fully developed rituals may indeed be appropriate. Still, I urge everyone to allow spirit to help create them so that they feel as spirit-sent and magical as possible.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to try things that are new and different, even if it does feel a little weird. Spiritual things often feel weird at first. If something just isn’t for you, for instance if you don’t enjoy drumming yourself into trance, you can abstain without feeling that you are missing anything – but do give different things a try before dismissing them. It’s a great way to discover new spiritual practices and deepen your path!

Your own path may feel a lot like wandering “lost”, and this is very normal as you are traveling without a map. It means listening hard to spirit and having deep faith in what you hear. It means utilizing your imagination too. Be bold and push yourself to imagine wildly – you will know, or learn to know, the difference between your own thoughts and messages that are spirit-sent. Imagination is a lot like your own built-in spirit guide. Remember that it may just be the case that we create our entire world through our own imagination.

One first step is to figure out what you believe in and truly value. What three things (or concepts) are the most important things in your life? If you were to create a mini-universe out of absolute Nothingness, what three things or concepts would you create first? These answers point out what things really matter to you above all else, which you need to discover and ponder as a jumping-off point.

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