We Need Spirit and Spirit Needs Us


It is generally assumed that human beings need spirit for guidance, but it is less understood how and why spirit might need us. One idea is that spirit needs the physical realm on a basic level – because the spiritual realm cannot exist without the physical as an antithesis, like a ying-yang relationship. It may be that the physical and spiritual realms both require some exchange of energy from one another. On a more practical level, it can be argued that individual spirits on their continued journeys need to perform service in order to evolve themselves, and that human beings represent an opportunity for them to serve. It may also be that spirits have needs like human beings do, and rather than wonder why, we ought merely to seek to be available to help them. I believe it does aid us, however, to have some idea of why we might be called upon by spirit for help. Human beings are often respectfully modest when it comes to spirit and can overlook that human help might be required at all.

Because of this modesty towards spirit, humans may elect to wait nearly until hit by lightning before they presume to offer help to the spirit world. It is not a lack of willingness or desire at work here, but a real misunderstanding. If spirit needed us, we might imagine spirit would simply ask. Yet what if spirit can only hear us as clearly as we hear spirit? It’s not a reassuring thought, but it is certainly possible that at least some spirits have difficulty communicating with or even knowing about the physical realm. Just as we are separated to some degree some the spiritual realm, spirit may be separated from the physical realm.

There is much talk about a veil that separates the worlds. It is not difficult to imagine that the veil is equally obscured when viewed from either side. On the other hand, I believe that we can take the spiritual realm and the physical realm as two sides of the same coin, rather than separate places altogether. In this case, we ourselves are spiritual beings as much as we are physical beings. It’s not a new idea, but something all too easily forgotten. If we are inherently spiritual beings ourselves, connecting with spirit is like coming home. This reminds us that knowing ourselves is just as important in spiritual matters as knowing spirit is. When we know ourselves well, it is a lens through which we can understand spirit too. Everything is connected and the whole universe can be seen in a drop of water. So too, our relationship with spirit is a journey of seeing ourselves in a new light.

Many people think that they can’t possibly receive clear messages from spirit, and this is again mostly due to the modesty people have towards the spiritual world. It may help you to remember that you are likely not entirely physical, but a being made up of physical and spiritual elements intertwined. Although dedicated spirit-workers are referred to as persons with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world, I think this also describes the basic experience of a human being. If we aren’t taught this when we’re young, we will let our spiritual side grow stagnant and ignore it or even deny it, which only puts up a wall between us and the blessings spirit wishes to give us.

The spiritual gift of being psychic is, to me, much more basic than people generally think. So while I advise against being overly modest (to the point where you think you can’t speak with spirit at all), I also caution against letting your ego reign supreme. I believe being able to communicate with spirit should be natural to everyone, and is something that wild animals already possess inherently. If spirit gets your attention, you ought to be more grateful than proud!

Cautions aside, the good news is that yes, you can become psychic. I believe it is a human trait, and I hope to offer some tools for navigating the world of spirit communication.

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