The Sweetest Gifts


For me, the sweetest gifts are ideas, especially when they are somehow mysterious and provoke much wondering.

This morning, the universe reminded me of many truths. For I believe that Everything and Nothing exist simultaneously (though to us, this appears as merely Something). And like electrons, which are both particle and wave —

We are simultaneously one and all, utterly meaningful and utterly meaningless, perfect and imperfect, complex and simple, and even both alive and dead.

The further you explore yanantin, which is the Peruvian shamanic view of complimentary opposites, the further truths you attain. Remembering too that even science concedes to strange dualisms, such as the magic of particle and wave, I imagine that the Everything and the Nothing are fully realized, fully “real” in their physical manifestations. Thus it is no idle riddle when I say we are simultaneously both alive and dead, but I believe that this is utterly, utterly true in every way, and much wisdom can arise from it.


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