Praying (for people who don’t like praying)

I believe very deeply in prayer.

I think all prayers, across all religions, are equal in an energetic sense. The energy and the intent of the prayer is the same no matter who you are praying to. I love written prayers from all the religions because they are so beautiful that they all express the energy I want to express.

But my mind words in mysterious ways, and would rather not use words at all. That’s fine! That’s great! You can easily pray without words.

The Tuvan shamans pray by uttering “nonsense” while concentrating on energy and intent. I do this a lot. The sounds I create help me concentrate and put me in a frame of mind to focus on the energy I want to put out to the universe.

A prayer can be as simple as looking at the fall of light on a tree, and being emotionally moved. That moment helps to focus your mind on the energy you want to convey.

So any moment where you’re focused on putting out energy can be thought of as a prayer. That’s the basic foundation of it — now find what works for you.


I do shamanic journeys and healing for others for free. I will also pray for you! If you are interested in receiving healing, find more info here: Spiritual Readings and Healing



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