The Ordinary Workings of the Spirit Realm

The non-ordinary spirit realm can feel and function in very ordinary ways. What we expect from spirit may let us down and cause disappointment. We would all like to experience extraordinary things and let spirit blow our minds. But this is not, perhaps, the best teaching method spirit has. We have to work for our lessons and healing. We cannot expect spirit to do all the work for us. For one thing, that expectation renders us helpless and powerless, which is not who we are.

Christina Pratt of the Last Mask Center pointed out in one of her startlingly insightful podcasts that as children, our experiences with our imaginary friends felt completely natural and ordinary for us. This is what daily communication with so-called non-ordinary (spirit) reality should feel like. It is everyone’s right and even responsibility to claim their natural connection with spirit, remembering that humans are beings of spirit too.

Daily connection with spirit can, if your expectations are too high, feel as dull as doing the dishes. But this is not a hindrance so much as it is precisely the point of these interactions. We do not need spirit for a feeling of exhilaration and inspiration — that is a benefit we can access, but it is not the purpose of working with spirit. The relationships we develop with spirit can and will feel like speaking with old friends and family — sometimes clearly supportive, sometimes maddening, sometimes very neutral, but always of value.




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