Interpreting Spirit-Sent Dreams and Messages


My understanding of dreams is that the brain is testing our neuron connections when we are in a relaxed state. This explains why I get such weird, random thoughts when I am falling asleep. The brain may test the neuron pathway between two things that are not clearly related, resulting in the experience of a bizarre or nonsensical thought.

But thoughts and dreams can also be understood as non-physical processes:

Thoughts, like vagrants,

own no real estate, but sneak

and even steal into someone else’s brain

and leave all the lights on.

After all, what strange magic is a thought? Listen to your mind’s voice and realize it has no soundwaves. What is it, then, when sound is not sound? I intuitively believe that thoughts and dreams have non-physical components and therefore are our doors to the spirit realm.

Once you begin paying attention to thoughts and dreams that feel like spirit-sent messages, you’ll want some tools for interpreting them.

Symbols in dreams are notoriously difficult to decipher, but your best aid will be your own intuition. So before you consult anything else, think about what the symbols mean to you. Try letting your mind wander on the meaning of the symbols, letting associations and ideas come naturally. Take notes if you can; brainstorm on paper. Don’t edit yourself even if an idea seems silly. Perhaps you will also get some help from spirit at this moment, with spirit-sent inspiration about the meaning of the dream.

If after all this, you are still completely clueless as to the meaning of a symbol, you might do some research on what others have to say about it. It is important to have confidence in your own ability to draw meaning from spirit messages, so avoid strict use of concordances. For instance, instead of looking up “locked doors” in a dream dictionary, do more general research to inspire your own ideas instead. Consider both your perspective of what the symbol means to you and how you have experienced the symbol in your life, and also how spirit might use the symbol from its own perspective.

Once you have an idea of what the symbol means, consider past, present, and future applications of the symbol. For instance, if spirit is speaking to you about overcoming challenges, think about how you’ve handled previous challenges, what challenges are in your life right now, and what challenges might be facing you in the future. Remember that spirit is not limited by time the way that the physical world is, so its lessons may not always reflect our own ideas of what is immediately important.

Try to keep a journal detailing spirit’s messages and your work interpreting them. It will be invaluable down the road!


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