The Sweetest Gifts


For me, the sweetest gifts are ideas, especially when they are somehow mysterious and provoke much wondering.

This morning, the universe reminded me of many truths. For I believe that Everything and Nothing exist simultaneously (though to us, this appears as merely Something). And like electrons, which are both particle and wave —

We are simultaneously one and all, utterly meaningful and utterly meaningless, perfect and imperfect, complex and simple, and even both alive and dead.

The further you explore yanantin, which is the Peruvian shamanic view of complimentary opposites, the further truths you attain. Remembering too that even science concedes to strange dualisms, such as the magic of particle and wave, I imagine that the Everything and the Nothing are fully realized, fully “real” in their physical manifestations. Thus it is no idle riddle when I say we are simultaneously both alive and dead, but I believe that this is utterly, utterly true in every way, and much wisdom can arise from it.


Maybe You Are a Spirit Guide

We have spoken at length on spirit guides, but maybe you — you, a human being reading this on WordPress — maybe you ARE a spirit guide. Why not, for you know you have a spirit, and we all desire purpose.

But what, you ask, am I doing? Who am I guiding?

Don’t be alarmed. Spirit is unbound from time and place, so you needn’t feel it happening. Perhaps you are even giving lessons you are yet to learn, in another lifetime.

But when you realize that you yourself could be a spirit guide, now, for others on their paths, it helps you understand that spirit is part of your own intimate existence. You are spirit; spirit is spirit; all is spirit —

And everything connects, helping, guiding spiritually.


Dreaming the World into Being



We live in a state of fabricated reality. But this itself should not be shocking. We are beings made of stories: before we are born, we are story, and once we are born, everything that came before us is story also. When we die we return to potential and imagination, and our lives will be described in stories only.

All history is but a story. In fact, all that you do not personally experience in the present moment is also pure story.

But what of the present moment? Is it the truth, the only truth? Well, the fact is that reality is explained to us by our senses, which interpret reality rather than letting us face it directly. The only direct experience of anything, I maintain, lies in our sense of potential. We truly sense potential like we see light, except we sense it directly, without a need for a sensory organ like an eye that mitigates our experience.

We call this direct sense of potential imagination. Consider it! When we imagine possibilities, we sense they are indeed possible in some way, under some circumstance. While some people might have a better range of imagination than others, there is no denying that all we imagine is possibleIS possible. Really, anything can happen, because maybe there is really a Deity that can make it happen, or maybe there is really no strict laws of nature, so there’s room for the seemingly impossible. Even physicists have to concede that if the universe is infinite, or if there are infinite alternate universes, then everything we imagine can and DOES happen somewhere within it.

Meanwhile when we see something with our eyes we have to question, as Descartes did, whether our eyes and nerves and brain have interpreted the information correctly. That’s why we can easily be fooled by optical illusions. Also, we don’t know for sure that we are not in fact dreaming the “waking” world.

It is, in fact, possible that we are merely dreaming reality. It is possible that we dream the world into existence. We already know this is true. We come from imagination and dreams and stories. We return to stories when we die.

Of course, nothing is purely “real” or purely “false”. The same goes for absolutes like black and white. Nothing is pure white — surely some pixel, some spot, some dullness, some defect or some other attribute keeps it from being absolute white. It is the same with black! It is the same with all absolutes: truth or falseness, goodness or evil, joy or sadness, absolute zero (temperature) or infinite energy.

These absolutes exist in the same way that both light waves and photons exist at once. What is a wave and what is a particle?? They are physical absolutes. Particles, after all, are truly identical and interchangeable with each other — thus they have no defects or attributes that keep them from being an “absolute particle.”

Everything and nothing are also absolutes. Why does something exist instead of nothing, instead of everything?

I submit that absolutes do exist, however, in a way. I submit that the appearance of “something” is the interplay between everything and nothing existing simultaneously. The interplay of both particles and waves existing simultaneously creates the physical reality. The interplay of both zero-point energy and absolute zero energy existing simultaneously creates the active reality.

What we experience as reality is thus not entirely real (an absolute), but the interplay between realness and falseness. In some way we dream the world into being and in some way the world dreams us into being.  Reality is a fabrication and a story that both we and it create.

My Worldview


Spirit has long been sentenced to reality’s fringes as a figment of our imagination. Spirit is deemed unknowable and locked into churches, whereas science is regarded as truth and is disseminated in elementary schools. Science, however, is merely one part of the story. It would seem common sense that anything human-touched, such as science or organized religion, would be as flawed as humans are. Meanwhile spiritual truth can be heard whispering in your own heart as an original thought – something you might feel you didn’t think for yourself.

Everything is made of stories. If you observe this idea playing in your life, you will find that truth is an elusive concept. Reality is still today being translated by myth, though the myths are touted as infallible scientific knowledge. Most of science is theory – which is to say, a story. However this is downplayed such that theories are taught as truths. History has a record of constantly shifting paradigms. Our view of the planet as circling the sun rather than the sun circling it is a perspective born of an age where science is believed to prove itself. Yet science (and all things) can be argued, disbelieved, and thus called a myth or a collection of stories. Even logical laws of physics may not accurately describe the fullness of reality. As I once wrote in a poem,

Maybe reality was merely what she saw

And the distant trees were really that small.


How we navigate a world of story is up to us. I choose to collect stories – to honour opposite, mutually exclusive truths simultaneously. I believe both that I walk through space and also that I walk by turning the Earth with my feet. You can try the latter as an exercise – it is a very interesting one even if you don’t take it very seriously. However I feel both perspectives have merit, and ultimately both are stories that I believe exist together simultaneously, both true in themselves. I believe that every story has what I call a “retrograde perspective” which is an opposite or mutually exclusive idea. Although many people think that history and photographic evidence “proves” that the Earth is round and moving at tremendous speeds in various directions, I believe that such evidence can be equally intelligently challenged, and an opposing view taken (as some people have argued, though they are labeled “conspiracy nuts”) that the Earth may be flat and motionless. I then savour both stories equally and take them together as metaphors of my reality.

Ultimately, I live in a free-fall where there is no concept of solid truth for a foothold. Yet this doesn’t affect my day-to-day activities or even my attitude very much. It is certainly not distressing to me, but instead delightful, as it opens up every story in the world to be experienced as my reality.

I say all this because it colours my idea of spirit and how I interact with spirit in my life. By embracing retrograde perspectives it is easy to incorporate both science and spirituality into my worldview. Also, I believe that truths can be heard whispered into your own mind as fleeting sacred communication mingled between your own thoughts.

No matter what you believe, you will find this blog respectful of different ideas and I welcome you to adapt the ideas presented here in your mind to fit your own perspective. Truth ought to be a journey, so I welcome you now to walk with spirit, and keep your imagination open wide.