The Sweetest Gifts


For me, the sweetest gifts are ideas, especially when they are somehow mysterious and provoke much wondering.

This morning, the universe reminded me of many truths. For I believe that Everything and Nothing exist simultaneously (though to us, this appears as merely Something). And like electrons, which are both particle and wave —

We are simultaneously one and all, utterly meaningful and utterly meaningless, perfect and imperfect, complex and simple, and even both alive and dead.

The further you explore yanantin, which is the Peruvian shamanic view of complimentary opposites, the further truths you attain. Remembering too that even science concedes to strange dualisms, such as the magic of particle and wave, I imagine that the Everything and the Nothing are fully realized, fully “real” in their physical manifestations. Thus it is no idle riddle when I say we are simultaneously both alive and dead, but I believe that this is utterly, utterly true in every way, and much wisdom can arise from it.


Seeing the Physical World in a Spiritual Way


How do you get started seeing energy and auras? One line of thought is that this is a spiritual gift which will simply come at its own pace. I think it’s more like half-gift, half-practice. While pushing anything spiritual is rarely a good idea, there is a degree to which you have to prime your eyes to see non-physical things. You have to have a smidgen of faith here – you have to believe what you see, even though it is non-physical and hardly looks like anything you can “see” at all. By this I refer to the fact that seeing spiritual things can feel very different than seeing physical things. You know that what you’re seeing isn’t a physical thing. When that knowledge kicks in, your brain might try, out of habit from schooling, to tell you that you’re just seeing haze or a trick of the light or even a trick of the mind. You will never have proof of seeing a non-physical thing. That I believe firmly, simply because it is non-physical. So you need to have some faith.

Just yesterday I was sitting in my backyard when I saw a spirit great blue heron. It is very hard to describe exactly how I “saw” it. The main thing is that it felt like it was coming from outside my mind, that I saw it before my eyes, not in my imagination. It was definitely spirit-sent, being spontaneous and a bit random. But describing how it looked is very difficult. The whole moment was over in about half a second, and in the end all I could say with certainty was, I thought I saw something, and a great blue heron came to mind, but it all seemed to come from outside me.

Sometimes, as I mentioned before, you may see something that does look solid. To me, that’s a gift. I see some energy that way and it’s very special to me, because I used to be an obstinately scientific person. It’s good, though, not to hope too much for over-the-top gifts. In the end, a little bit of faith goes a long way.

I think that seeing energy is a good way to get started peering into the non-physical realm. What I like to do is see energy around my own hands. I started with very “small” energy – meaning I was staring at my fingertip fairly up close. I observed the space right around my finger. What I first saw (and still can see) was sparks of energy fizzing and flying off my fingertip. If you look up photos on the internet with search terms “electrograph hand” you’ll see what I mean. The photos are very, very similar to what I see.

Auras, for me, require a bit more effort. I can see so much energy coming off everything – even inanimate objects – that I tend to tune it all out. So I first have to tune back in, which can be chaotic or overwhelming. I will try to stare at part of a thing, like a person’s arm or a branch of a tree, to get an aura rather than stare at the whole person or object, because it helps me tune in. What I’ll see first, for lack of a better description, is a kind of white-or-clear haze. If I continue to focus, I will feel like I’m seeing a coloured aura – but I won’t be sure if I’m really seeing it, or if just seems that way. My mind might say “red” but I won’t be completely sure I can see it…I just feel like I’m seeing it. This is the inherent uncertainty that lies in seeing non-physical things. Perhaps the experience is best described this way: you may see a coloured aura, but if you try to examine it like a physical thing, you’ll be left with uncertainties.

Seeing auras and energy can tell you things about the physical world, like when my partner’s aura is a colour that, to me, means she’s sick. So take the time to practice and also spend time in conversation with spirit about the meaning of what you see. Try gazing at your own hand until you see an aura, and then attempt to change your energy by thinking of different emotions and take note of any changes in aura colours. If you are patient enough to write down what you notice, you will surely reap many benefits from this experiment!

Another method I employ to engage with the physical world involves my connection with wildlife. I strongly believe that spirit communicates amongst itself through a kind of network, not too different from how we access the internet for data. I believe animals have innate access to the “spirit channel/ network”, and I’m fairly sure that humans are largely shielded from it. So for me, connecting with animals is great practice in connecting with the spirit “channel”. My partner and I do everything we can to see animals in nature, and when wildlife crosses our path, I like to spiritually communicate with them. This can be done even when watching the birds and squirrels in our backyard. I breathe in, saying thank you in my mind and heart, while focusing on an animal. This seems to stir an exchange of information where I indescribably feel the unique taste of that particular wild animal. Looking at a deer, I might feel the rapid beating of its heart. Looking at a chipmunk, I feel something very different. Then I breathe out, saying bless you in my mind, hoping that some piece of my own existence might be communicated back to the animal. My gut feeling is that this does work. I like to use this method to better connect with spirits as well, as it provides me with a hint of their unique feel and personality.

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