Using Spiritual Abilities to Help Others


Once you have developed your spiritual senses, you can look forward to using them to help others. The primary rule to observe before you begin is that you never journey for someone or otherwise psychically meddle in their business without their informed consent first. It’s a matter of respect for their privacy, for one thing. It’s also about respecting different people’s individual perspectives, as they travel their own journeys and paths in life.

Getting messages for others, especially people who have asked for your help but who aren’t close friends, can be daunting. There are some issues of pride and fear about getting the “wrong answer” from spirit or otherwise disappointing the person you are helping. As I’ve said before, when interpreting a message don’t shy away from a literal meaning. I’ve have plenty of cases where the message, as odd as it sounded to me, was perfectly intelligible and satisfying to the person I was helping. Generalizing a message does not do a lot of good here, for the most part. It’s true that sometimes your recipient will not understand the meaning, but it is important to honour what spirit tells you and not twist it for the purpose of “making sense” for someone else.

It may be the case, however, that a literal interpretation is clearly inappropriate, or that the message is vague in the first place. This is where your relationship with spirit can help you in your interpretation. Practice and patience are key, as well as a healthy humility with regard to your job as an interpreter. If you act merely as a channel through which spirit speaks, and if you learn the way your particular helping spirit conveys itself, you will have fewer problems with letting your ego and fears get in your own way. Ultimately, I believe most translation issues arise from ego and fear.

Another caution is about medical advice. This can be dangerous and even make you liable if something goes wrong. It is best not to offer claims of cures of any kind. Advice for medical conditions must be spiritually-based, not physical in any regard. This may be frustrating, but remember that you cannot offer all the answers.

There is also a large degree to which a person’s healing is up to them, so you’d do best by thinking of your work as providing guidance rather than healing or curing someone’s problems. The truth is that people need to conduct their own healing. With spirit’s help, we can guide and inspire, but that’s it. Your own healing requires more changes in attitude, understanding and perspective than any instant magic cure can offer. You can work miracles, but they are beyond the human definition of magic – they are so much deeper, more complex, and infinitely holistic (interconnected with everything else in the universe) than we can imagine. Spirit workers address the big picture as best as they can, affecting a person as a whole.

Curse-removal is a good example of poor expectations. When people believe they are cursed, they get confused, taken advantage of, and strung along by their own fears. There are plenty of people out there who will call themselves shamans and offer to remove curses for a fee. The sufferer is promised that they will not have to do anything themselves, just accept the cure. This is a very limited view of the spiritual realm. A curse is viewed here like a disconnected parasite that can be neatly plucked out of one’s life. If there is a real spiritual problem at hand, it will not be so simple. Healing will always require the sufferer’s involvement to some degree, so healing cannot happen merely by paying for it. Curses, if they have any reality at all, are probably more a sickness of a person’s perspective on life, a sense of lacking personal power and feeling like a victim. I believe that even the highest spiritual power in existence cannot curse you unless you give power and faith to the idea of the curse. I’m more invested in the idea of karma, which doesn’t mesh well with the concept of random or evil-intentioned curses.

People who ask you to remove a curse may not like this opinion, because they don’t want to work for their own healing and betterment. It is very natural for us all to wish for a magic cure for all our problems. In reality, with spirit’s guidance our potential is unlimited – and the work is so rewarding that it is far from torture. However, the mere idea of taking responsibility for our own happiness, success and growth is terrifying to many people.

Waking up to your own responsibility for your healing and happiness is all about discovering that you are the greatest power in your own life. But the need for an honest appraisal of one’s efforts and actions (truly judging oneself) holds us back. We are both simultaneously infinitely powerful and infinitely lacking power. I find it exhilarating, but it some people could find this unsatisfying or even unfair, thinking that they ought to not have to work in their own life. But the work required can be a creative art, a hobby, a joy, and ultimately energizing, life-sustaining, and infinitely meaningful. It takes all our effort but is best described not as “work” but as being completely engaged in your own life and your own journey.

You might be able to imagine now that expressing this thought to people who want healing would be unpopular. It’s best to allow spirit to inspire people rather than trying to teach them, unless they happen to be in the right mind-frame to hear the teaching. So let the goal of all your work be to make space for spirit to inspire others and ourselves, first and foremost. Telling someone about their spirit guide is good, but helping that person develop a relationship with their spirit guide is better.

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