What Is Shamanism?


To live shamanically is to immerse oneself and strive to be enmeshed in all that is Existence (physical and spiritual). It is connection, awareness, and acceptance of reality beyond what we see. It is the acceptance of a wild kind of reality that our imagination taps into. For imagination is the vehicle by which we most easily access the true, vast wilderness of reality. Imagination is actually a sense, just like sight or hearing. It is our sense of possibility, which is part of the fullness of all that exists.

Shamanism is the current through which we travel meaningfully through the totality of Existence. It is a map towards healing, knowledge, and purpose. It does not really bridge a gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, for in reality there is no gap. However shamanism opens the door to what Existence really is, and awakens us to a new state which is in fact ancient: a time when our ancestors were naturally embedded in the Everything, including the spiritual realm.

Shamanism teaches that all things have life and spirit. Thus everything that exists can be understood in terms of a relationship with you. Your relationship with Existence determines your world.

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